James_BlackJames (Jim) Black took an active role in Police Association affairs for almost his entire policing life before he was promoted to commissioned rank in September 1973. From 1952–1972 he was a delegate to annual conference 15 times, a branch secretary for 5 years and a member of the Executive for 16 consecutive years. As vice–president, 1964–1972, Jim worked closely with the president of the time, Merv Taylor, to bring about important reforms to the working conditions of NSW police officers. These included a 7.5% salary increase in 1967, the standard issue of Smith & Wesson revolvers, the introduction of the overtime clause, shift allowances and allowances for special duties. Following his resignation from the Police Association he joined the Commissioned Police Officers Association and became its president. Jim began his service in the NSW Police Force as a police cadet from 1937–1942. In June 1942 he was attested as a probationary constable and retired in December 1981 with the rank of assistant commissioner. For his distinguished service he was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in 1978. He died on 25 July 2006.