Charles_BostonCharles (Charlie) was elected to the Executive in 1935. From 1941–1948 he was senior vice-president. In 1948 he was elected president, the Association’s 7th, a position he held until 1957 when he was promoted to the rank of inspector.  Boston served with distinction on the Crown Employees Appeals Board from 1948–1957 and was president of the Australian Federation of Police Associations from 1949–1957. In conjunction with the then general-secretary, Frank Laut, Boston presided over a number of important industrial reforms including new salary awards and agreements and a 40 hour 5 day week. A man of great ability with few equals as a chairman, Boston was sworn in as a probationary constable in July 1923 and retired in February 1962 with the rank of inspector 1st class. He died on 16 July 1987.