Day_TonyAnthony (Tony) Day was elected the 14th President in 1988 after serving as branch official, Executive member, vice-president and trustee for nearly 20 years. He also served on GREAT, the Police Superannuation Board and the Police Federation of Australia. After serving the maximum period allowed he resigned in March 1994 returning to the job. In 1996 he was promoted to inspector. Tony’s years as president were trying times for police in respect of safety, equipment  and entitlements and he fought many battles with the then Police Minister, Ted Pickering who was known for his toughness. Police welfare was also a major issue for him and he worked hard for the establishment of the NSW Police Chaplaincy Service. Tony joined the NSW Police as a cadet on 26 February 1962 and retired on 4 December 1999 with the rank of inspector.