Driscoll_JohnIn 1920, when it was decided to form a police union, Jack Driscoll, stationed in the Maitland area since being sworn in as probationary constable in 1911, was appointed to form a local branch and became its first secretary. From 1921–1925 he was a country delegate to annual conference. In 1928 he was transferred to Sydney and took up an Executive position. In 1937 he was elected to the position of senior vice-president and in April 1940 he was elected president, the Association’s 6th, a position he held until November 1948 when he retired with the rank of sergeant 1st class. Driscoll was known to be a man of great determination and courage who led many deputations and who represented the Association on many boards. On his retirement he became the president of the Retired Police Association until his death on 2 February 1960.