Francis (Frank) Laut joined NSW Police in 1929 and resigned in January 1947 with the rank of senior constable to take up the position of general-secretary after the death, in office, of Charles Cosgrove. Prior to this appointment Frank had been active in the Association for many years and had been treasurer for two. He held the position of general-secretary from 1 November 1946 until his retirement on 31 March 1972. As general-secretary, Frank performed a multitude of tasks including that of Chief Executive Officer, industrial officer and editor of Police News. Known for his “doggedness”, attention to detail and forthrightness, Frank was a consummate negotiator and debater who represented the Police Association with distinction on many boards and who led many successful deputations. He was also the guiding light of the Australian Federation of Police Associations and was awarded that body’s first life membership.  He died on 15 May 1991.