Littlefair_WilliamWilliam Littlefair, a foundation member of the Police Association, was a vice-president who was twice appointed, but never elected, president. The first occasion was February–May 1937 with the promotion of the president, C.L. Gavin, to commissioned rank. The second was from May 1939–April 1940 when the president, W.C. Watkins, was also promoted to commissioned rank. At annual conference 1940 Littlefair stood against Jack Driscoll for the presidency by was defeated 23 to 21. Although disappointed at the result, Littlefair continued to serve on the Executive until his retirement in 1947 with the rank of sergeant 2ndclass. He is best remembered for his efforts in reforming the Police Appeals Board.  He died on 29 May 1965.