Robert (Bob) Page began life in the NSW Police force in 1948 as a police cadet. In March 1950 he was sworn in as a constable. In 1957 he became branch secretary and delegate for Chatswood. He attended his first annual conference in 1958 and was elected to the Executive in 1960 becoming a trustee. Bob became increasingly involved in Association affairs and in 1969 resigned from the Force with the rank of sergeant to become assistant general-secretary. In 1972 he became general-secretary, a position he held until 1981 when, after a restructure, he became administration secretary, a position he held until his retirement in 1986. Apart from his union work, Bob was also a councillor on Warringah Council and a serving member of the Rural Fire Brigade. In January 1998 Bob was awarded the Order of Australia Medal. He died on 21 April 1998 before the medal was conferred.