Peter Remfrey is a long term employee who has been an integral part of every major industrial campaign run by the Association since 1997. Peter joined the Police Association in 1982 as an Information Officer, after graduating with a Degree in Economics. He rose through the organisation to become a Field Organiser, a role usually reserved for seconded police officers. In 1994 he was promoted as the Association’s Industrial Secretary. In 1997 he was appointed the Secretary of Industrial/Integration which is now the Secretary. Peter’s negotiating skills, industrial knowledge and political nous have made him a widely respected figure within the union movement and among state and federal politicians of all persuasions. He is a trustee of Unions NSW and has represented the Association and the union movement both within Australia and overseas. Peter is a graduate of the prestigious Trade Union Program at Harvard Law School. In 2020 he resigned from the Association after 38 years of service.