Taylor_LloydLloyd Taylor was sworn in on 29 May 1961 and posted to Regent Street police. It was while at Regent Street that he came into contact with two union stalwarts and fellow life members, Bob McClelland and Ted Wood, who encouraged his involvement in the Police Association. In 1978 he was elected to the Executive serving as junior vice-president 1982–1983, senior vice-president 1984–1985 and the Association’s 13th president 1986–1988. Twenty seven years later on 29 May 1988 he resigned with the rank of sergeant. He immediately joined the staff of the Association as secretary administration a position he held until his retirement on 4 July 1997. Both as an elected official and staff member, Lloyd served the Association with distinction. His achievements include a 38 hour week for police, increased strength, improvements in superannuation and death benefits and secondary employment. He also represented the Association on a number of external committees and was editor of Police News. In 2001 he was awarded the NSW Police Legacy Roll of Honour for his contribution to Police Legacy. From 1997–2009 he was convenor for Juvenile Justice and from 1999–2006 president of the Federation of Police Credit Unions. He was also a director of the Police Bank for 28 years, during which time he held the position of Chairman and Deputy Chairman for 9 years.