President's Message March 2018


On Australia Day, three police officers went out to keep NSW safe when one of our own was severely injured and came close to death.

Detective Sergeant John Breda was stabbed in the line of duty and taken to St Vincent’s Hospital, with a police escort, in a critical condition where he underwent emergency surgery.

Our thoughts and prayers were with him and his family as he fought for life.

The situation highlighted the dangers faced by NSW Police everyday as Det Sgt Breda almost paid the ultimate sacrifice.

It was with relief in the hours following surgery that some positive news came through from the hospital, and since then his condition has continued to improve.

He began rehabilitation four days after being stabbed; a journey to recovery which will be long and arduous.

Your Association is providing ongoing support to Det Sgt Breda, his family and his colleagues involved in the Critical Incident investigation.


The PANSW, together with the NSW Police Force, partnered with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service to create a nationwide blood drive in recognition of the near-fatal stabbing of Det Sgt John Breda.

Det Sgt Breda suffered a lifethreatening loss of blood and without blood transfusions, the outcome would have been tragic.

With only 2% of blood donations going towards trauma incidents, according to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, this incident is a stark reminder of the critical importance of blood donations.

It is thanks to the donations of blood from the community that John could pull through. The policing community always gives, but we especially wanted to give back with a blood drive to assist the next person in need, the way this has assisted John.

Policing communities across the nation were invited to participate in the #Bleed4Blue Challenge during the month of February and recognise a mate.

Although the challenge has now concluded we encourage all eligible members to donate blood.

Visit for more information on eligibility to donate. Donors can contact 13 14 95 to make an appointment.


The Australian Productivity Commission (APC) recently confirmed what your Association has been arguing for years; NSW Police are under-resourced, and it is only getting worse.

The APC report showed NSW has the lowest expenditure on policing services per person and the worst police to population ratio, excluding the ACT.

It’s a clear indication of the NSW Government’s failure to invest in policing resources and the inadequacy of the NSW State Budget to meet the needs of the NSW Police Force — at a time when NSW is the wealthiest state in the nation.

There is money to splurge on mega stadiums, shifting the Powerhouse Museum and tolled roadways, but it seems not enough to maintain the police budget and keep the community safe. There can be no doubt police in NSW are being asked to do more, with less, while working tirelessly to drive down crime.

For the most part, we have been successful, with many categories of crime falling. However, as officers become increasingly overworked and as budgets get tighter, this becomes more and more difficult to maintain.

The latest statistics from the APC show:

  • Understaffing means NSW Police officers are struggling to meet target response times when responding to emergency calls for assistance from the public;
  • NSW has the second worst rate of sexual assault in Australia and it is getting worse;
  • Drugs are becoming more prevalent, and causing more harm and concern to the community;
  • The road toll has increased for the past three years, and recent tragedies have reinforced the importance of a strong plan for road safety enforcement; and
  • Clear up rates demonstrate police need more resources to investigate the most heinous crimes.

The solution is simple — NSW needs more police and a budget which appropriately reflects the importance of public safety in NSW.

Victoria waited until crime had spiralled out of control before it reacted to police shortages. Now the Victorian Government has committed to increasing police numbers by 3100, threatening to overtake NSW as the largest police force in the country.

Your Association is calling for 2500 police officers over the next five years to make up for years of neglect of police numbers, and to better prepare the NSW Police Force for the challenges of the future.

With NSW currently the wealthiest state in Australia, the NSW Government can well afford to support police and provide for community safety.

The APC report can be found at:


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