President's Message May 2018


As outlined previously this dispute is before the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC). We have been ordered to conciliate with the NSWPF.

On 6 April, Commissioner Murphy reconvened the compulsory conciliation conference and set 20 April and 4 May for report back and further conciliation.

We undertook to engage in negotiations in an attempt to resolve the issues. We are stressing that Corrective Services and Juvenile Justice be involved in the meetings and be joined to the IRC proceedings, as these are the duties of those agencies.

We moved our campaign forward by actively engaging Branch Officials to lobby not only their local politicians and magistrates, but key community leaders.

I thank the Commissioned Police Officers Branch, who initiated this campaign and remain active participants in driving this issue forward.

Our communities deserve better.

We also tasked Branches to record the impact prisoner transportation had on their Command over the Easter Weekend.

For feedback on this weekend or should branches have any current examples, need updates or information, please send this to the Association via email to or via the PANSW Prisoner Transport Dispute Activity Log at


The PANSW Biennial Conference plays an essential role in establishing your Association’s strategic direction for the next two years.

This year’s conference theme is ‘Back the Blue.’ Delegates attending the upcoming May conference will provide direction, develop strategies and establish actions to achieve our key objectives moving forward.

The packed agenda includes educational and skills-building sessions, workshops, presentations and expert speakers highly experienced in politics, unionism and the media.

A key component in forward planning is to identify, assess and be ready to respond to emerging issues likely to affect our organisation and members.

We are shaping the future and ensuring our member’s rights are protected by standing beside them as a strong industrial advocate and negotiating from a position of solidarity and strength.

Conference delegates are an integral part of any strategy when tackling important workplace issues on the ground.

Running dynamic campaigns is vital when advocating on behalf of members and delegates will have the opportunity to develop their skills running strong political campaigns.

This is especially timely given the current Prisoner Transport dispute.


During conference a new member-only mobile App, ‘The PANSW Toolbox’ will be launched.

It’s a secure platform for members to check their industrial entitlements and view their rights and obligations in legal situations, plus more.

The App has an interactive salary calculator, wellbeing resources and a range of Association services offering members instant access to information that can protect and empower them in the workplace.

(This App is not currently in App stores yet, unlike the PANSW Conference App which is available for delegates.)


Thank you to our Platinum Sponsor and major supporter, Police Bank for their ongoing patronage.

Our appreciation also to Gold Sponsor, First State Super and our Bronze sponsors & partners, Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers, Maxxia, Bupa, NSW Police Legacy, Police Shop NSW and Conference National.


The NSWPF has decided to modernise its operational uniform which is currently before the Uniform Standards Committee.

Your Association is represented on this Committee.

Members were recently invited to complete the survey organised by PANSW Executive Member, Oliver Behrens.

We had an overwhelming response to the survey with 6,102 responses received.

This was an opportunity to tell us your thoughts on uniform issues so we could collate the results and better represent your views.

We have forwarded the results of the survey to the Commissioner who has responded by indicating that there will be NO further uniform trials until the uniform services contract is finalised.

Despite this response we will continue to advocate this issue as, due to the large response, it is obviously a widely and deeply felt issue with the membership.


Our financial report published in this edition shows a surplus of $3.6 million for 2017 and the net worth of the organisation has improved to nearly $37m. Reserves such as this provide a position of strength for your Association.

The strong financial position has allowed for continued and increased expenditure in Member Benefits in a number of areas including the Financial Legal Assistance Scheme and making member welfare and support a high priority.

The creation of, and appointment of Jon Goddard as the full time Member Support Coordinator has meant a higher level of assistance to members and their families in times of death, illness or hardship, through to critical incidents and tough situations when our members find themselves in need.

For a full copy of the Financial Statement and the Operating Report go to homepage.

Tony King 

Acting President


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