President's Message October 2017


As members would be aware, the NSW Police Force has commenced the Re-engineering Program, which involves the amalgamating of some Local Area Commands and the restructuring of Commands and units.

Whilst any restructuring of a workplace is a prerogative of the Commissioner, your Association has worked to ensure that any changes are only undertaken after proper consultation with both the members affected and the Police Association of NSW.

Critically, we have fought to establish a fair and equitable process for individual officers who may be directly impacted.

This is reflected in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Commissioner of Police and your Association which includes an agreed placement strategy for those officers whose positions are affected by any reengineering decisions. For a copy of the MOUs use these links:

The key elements in the placement strategy that we have achieved are:

  • Officers in amalgamated LACs should be placed straight into positions where there has been no change;
  • Displaced officers (those without a position) can seek to be placed in any vacant positions in the amalgamated LAC;
  • If displaced (no position after reengineering), officers will have access to apply for any vacant position across the NSWPF and will be given priority placement (excluding desirable locations);
  • Tenure exemption for transfers and costs will apply if displaced;
  • No restart of tenure for any movements as a result of re-engineering (except where costs have been paid);
  • Officers can only be moved into a role if three suitable offers have been made to them (and not been accepted) and 6 months has lapsed;
  • Consideration must be given to carer’s needs, FWAs, location etc when offering positions to officers;
  • MMI officers get priority if two officers are competing for positions;
  • Displaced officers from desirable locations get priority placement in another desirable location;
  • Senior Sergeants vacancies will be assessed on merit.

The Re-engineering Taskforce is comprised of representatives of your Association and the Commissioner of Police to ensure that any possible restructuring is being communicated to us, enabling consultation to begin at the top. Your Association representatives and local Branch Officials will be on hand at every proposed restructured section to ensure that members opinions and voices are being heard and the Association is involved in those discussions. The Police Association is here to support and assist all members during this process.

Previous experience has shown that the vast majority of members will be unaffected by the amalgamations and those who are, will be supported, and afforded their entitlements with due regard to their personal circumstances.

Should members have any inquiries regarding the Re-engineering Process, please contact your local Branch Official or the Association’s Information Centre on 9265 6777 / 57070 or via email to


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