Senior Staff

The PANSW employ seven senior staff responsible for the day-to-day business and necessary action to implement decisions of the membership determined at each Biennial Conference, in addition to decisions of the Executive determined at each Executive meeting.

Name Position
Pat Gooley Secretary
Tony Howell Assistant Secretary - Legal Services
Paul Hannen Assistant Secretary - Organising
Kirsty Membreno Assistant Secretary -  Industrial
Ray Collins Senior Coordinator - Legal
Katie O'Leary IOC Supervisor
Angus Skinner Research Manager








PANSW staffing structure supports the activity of Branches whilst maintaining a high level of specialist expertise for individual members. PANSW structure is based on four teams, comprising of at least one Organiser and up to two Industrial Officers with responsibility for a defined geographic region.

PANSW also employ one WH&S Organiser and one Commissioned Officer representative.

The Information Organising Centre (IOC) provides a prompt and professional response to members’ enquiries, enabling the teams to focus on organising opportunities, major campaigns and disputes.

The teams and IOC are supported in their work by Administrative Services and the Research Team.