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Tamworth crime: residents share crime concerns with Back the Blue petition

Crime concerns saw people lining up in droves to sign a petition for more police officers on the ground.

Tamworth police: Tamworth branch of the Police Association of NSW to set-up in Fitzroy Street Tamworth in campaign for more resources

Northern Daily Leader: After more than a month of campaigning, the Tamworth branch of the Police Association of NSW will set-up shop in the Fitzroy Street mall on Thursday to get the community to back their push for more boots in Tamworth and the wider Oxley Police District.

Child sex sickos go unmonitored, dodging stretched police

More than 200 registered child sex offenders are missing in NSW — and police have no idea where to find them.

Child sex sickos go unmonitored, dodging stretched police

Daily Telegraph: MORE than 200 registered child sex offenders are missing in NSW — and police have no idea where to find them. Many of those who have slipped the net simply provided false addresses while others have moved without informing the authorities — something they are required to do to stay out of jail.

More than 200 registered child sex offenders evade police in one Australian state alone - as officers admit they can’t cope

New figures released by the Police Association of New South Wales have revealed police do not know the whereabouts of 201 offenders in the state.

Police have lost track of 200 registered child sex offenders across NSW

Police have now revealed to The Daily Telegraph that they have lost track of more than 200 registered child sex offenders in NSW.

WA cop wins National Police Bravery Award

A West Australian policewoman who saved the lives of two young girls has won the inaugural National Police Bravery Award.

NSW election 2019: Shooters, Fishers and Farmers join call for extra police services

Northern Daily Leader - POLITICAL opponents have joined together in a call for more police infrastructure in Tamworth. Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party candidate Jeff Bacon said there was a need for more space for the current level of staff at the Tamworth Police Station.

Moama’s cops "overwhelmed"

Moama police are drowning, trying to deal with the region’s drug and crime issues, according to the Police Association of NSW.

Police Association says an extra 106 cops needed in South Coast District

Police in the South Coast Police District are calling for a significant increase in the number of officers dedicated to dealing with the district’s ice epidemic.

‘Ice is dominating our work’: NSW police want 2500 more officers to combat ice epidemic

The New South Wales Police Association is seeking an extra 2500 officers as it battles a growing crystal meth epidemic.

NSW Graphic images show the battle police officers face with drug-affected people across regional NSW

In an escalation of its push to secure more officers­, the NSW Police Association­ also mapped out the areas with soaring numbers of meth addicts and dwindling police resources.The association wants an immediate doubling of officer numbers dealing directly with ice manufacture and supply — an extra 72 officers in regional NSW and 42 in Sydney.

Police Association lobbying to address ‘ghost police’ staff shortages

The Police Association of NSW is lobbying the state government to create 2500 extra police officer positions across NSW as part of their “Back the Blue” campaign.

Police Association of NSW urges State Government and Wagga byelection candidates to fill ‘ghosts positions' in the Riverina Police District

Police Association of NSW urges State Government and Wagga byelection candidates to fill 'ghosts positions' in the Riverina Police District

Tamworth branch of the Police Association of NSW call for 25 more police officers in the Tamworth and Oxley area

OXLEY police need 25 more officers on the ground if they’re to curb crime and win the war against ice, the state’s police association warns.

NSW Police Association members call on prisoner transport reform

The region’s police officers have renewed calls for change with prisoner transport as the impacts of time away from the station flow onto the community.

Police campaign for 2500 more cops an election issue

THEY are called “ghost cops” — the extra police promised to fight crime on the streets who are missing in action.

Queanbeyan police numbers unchanged over two decades: union

The Queanbeyan branch of the NSW police union launched a campaign for more staff at the border-town station on Thursday.

A win for policing in Cowra with station to receive four more officers

Cowra is set to have an increased policing presence after the Cowra branch of the Police Association of New South Wales (PANSW) accepted the current staffing offer from NSW Police.

Busy police thrown a lifeline

Police are often the first on scene in times of crisis and distress, and the Coffs Harbour context poses added challenges.

Council will call on the NSW government "properly fund and resource" the Department of Justice

Armidale Regional Council will push the state government to stop diverting local police away from regular duties to transport prisoners.

Thin Blue LIne's Appeal

The Police Association yesterday implored the Berejiklian government to put 500 extra police on to the streets — and a further 500 each year over the term of the next government.

More NSW Police are needed to monitor register’s 4000 child sex offenders

Police are being swamped by the surging number of paedophiles on the Child Protection Register and say at least another 100 officers are needed to monitor them effectively.

NSW Police union backs toughening of child neglect sentences after Wollongong 'house of horrors' case

The NSW Police Association is backing an Illawarra Mercury campaign to increase sentencing penalties for parents convicted of child neglect, as new research shows officers are at the forefront of identifying such cases in the community.

Lockouts eased to boost Sydney arts scene

Sydney's lockout laws will be eased for new live music hotspots in an effort to boost the city's struggling nightlife.

Prisoner transport bid gets Tenterfield council support

Armidale-based Senior Constable Chris Jordan has won the support of Tenterfield Shire councillors in the NSW Police Association’s bid to divest officers of prisoner transport duties which pull the officers away from their stations.

Armidale branch of the NSW Police Association calls for end to prisoner escorts, arguing frontline resourcing putting New England towns at risk

THE police association claims local towns are being left at risk and without adequate policing because of long prisoner escorts taking officers away from the frontline in New England.

Sydney driver who allegedly hit two police officers whilst on mobile phone granted bail

A 22-year-old driver who allegedly struck two police officers at a random breath test site in Sydney's south-west, leaving them with serious injuries, has been granted bail after a court heard he had been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lack of money for Coroner’s Court leaves families with unanswered questions into deaths

INQUESTS into suspicious deaths are not being held and families left with unanswered questions about loved ones because of a lack of money for the NSW Coroner’s Court.

NSW Police spending whole shifts taking prisoners to court across the state leaving towns ‘at risk’

REGIONAL cops are being dragged from frontline work to spend whole shifts transporting prisoners to court in a farcical situation they warn is leaving their towns severely vulnerable.
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