Call to change new road rule after police officer almost hit by truck

Ally Foster

A police officer was nearly hit by a truck driver attempting to comply with the new NSW road rule that forces drivers to slow down to 40km/h around emergency vehicles.

Confronting footage filmed from a police highway patrol officer’s helmet camera and obtained by 7 News has renewed calls for the rule to be scrapped.

The video was filmed on December 28 on a highway near Ballina and shows two police officers on motorbikes pulled over behind a stopped car.

The driver furthest away from the car watches as a truck approaches, with the driver suddenly remembering they have to slow down from 110km/h to 40km/h.

A 12-month trial of the “go slow” rule came into effect on September 1 and requires motorists to slow down to 40km/h when passing a stationary emergency vehicle displaying blue and red flashing lights.

The officer watches as the driver veers into the left lane while trying to brake, causing the massive vehicle to skid for over 60 metres.

The truck narrowly avoids hitting the second police officers and the stationary car.

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