Calls for funding for support programs with 300 police officers leaving the force each year

Jack Houghton, The Daily Telegraph

NSW Police is in the grips of a mental health emergency with hundreds of highly trained officers leaving each year suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The crisis has cost taxpayers nearly $800 million over the past five years for the treatment of police with psychological injuries.

The new figures were released on Tuesday by the Police Association which has called for an increase in state government funding to bankroll support programs.

Police Association NSW secretary Pat Gooley said the state had an ethical obligation to look after its hero officers who had endured mental traumas in the line of duty.

“There’s no doubt we’ve got a mental health emergency among police in NSW,” he said. “For those of us in policing these figures, while alarming, aren’t all that surprising.

“What is surprising is that governments continue to ignore the problem rather than taking action to address it.

“We’re losing 300 highly trained, skilled, police officers from the force every year.

“You’d think that would be cause for action.”

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