Child sex sickos go unmonitored, dodging stretched police

Mark Morri

MORE than 200 registered child sex offenders are missing in NSW — and police have no idea where to find them.

Many of those who have slipped the net simply provided false addresses while others have moved without informing the authorities — something they are required to do to stay out of jail.

The shocking news comes with a further 1300 paedophiles and perverts due to be released from NSW jails in the next few years, and worried police say they do not have the resources to cope.

“Our children are at risk from these sexual predators. We know there are over 4000 offenders on the Child Protection Register, but only a fraction of those are monitored regularly due to the fact that we simply don’t have enough police to do the job,” Police Association of NSW president Tony King said.

Worrying figures provided to The Daily Telegraph by the association show that only 67 of the 4000 or so registered child sex offenders in NSW were monitored or checked in one month this year.

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