Council will call on the NSW government "properly fund and resource" the Department of Justice

ARMIDALE Regional Council will push the state government to stop diverting local police away from regular duties to transport prisoners.

The motion for council to call on the state governing body to “properly fund and resource” the Department of Justice was unanimously supported at Wednesday’s meeting in Guyra.

It comes in the wake of a public campaign by Armidale’s branch of the the NSW Police Association (PANSW) pushing against police officers being required to escort prisoners across the state.

Armidale branch chair Chris Jordan said New England communities were being left with no first response vehicle to respond to incidents – sometimes for hours at a time.  He added sector police or officers from other stations were being called to provide back-up.

“It’s at the expense of the community … each community has its own unique stories but as a collective, it is really impacting us," Mr Jordan said. “This is an lifetime opportunity for us to make real changes for now and the future.”

On the council’s support, Mr Jordan said he was “really happy”.

“The biggest thing is that the motion was passed unanimously by council,” he said. Read more>>

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