Detectives lift lid on nation’s most compelling cases in Police Tape podcast

True Crime Australia will this week launch an exciting new 10-part podcast series to take subscribers for the first time behind the Police Tape for some of Australia’s most compelling crimes.

The series hears straight from the investigating police officers, now off the force and on the record, as they talk about the cases that made their careers, have largely remained untold or simply made them cry.

The face and narrator of the series, radio personality, actor and presenter Merrick Watts, said he jumped at the chance to meet, hear and tell the former officers’ stories.

“Naturally people will be curious why a comedian would want to host a podcast interviewing police about some of the most serious crimes our country has witnessed,” he said.

“Like so many other people, I find these stories and people fascinating. The unexpected details, the sense of ‘being there’ and the knowledge of what law enforcement does to protect the public intrigues me as much as anyone else. Hosting these conversations was an amazing experience.”

Police Tape will reveal the stories they could not tell before as serving officers, from the execution contracts put out on their heads and the threats to their families, to the bullets they have had to literally dodge and the gangs that continue to pursue them today.

The identities of the officers will not be household names but are known as legends within the ranks of the NSW Police for their tireless, often dangerous but uncompromising behind-the-scenes work to tackle notorious cases and criminals. They also speak freely about continued criminal threats not just in NSW but across the borders to other states.

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