Extra police still a way off as Donato awaits meeting with commissioner

Danielle Cetinski

ORANGE Police are no closer to knowing whether they will receive the 14 extra officers they say are required to fight crime, despite ongoing overwork.

Amid the recent spate of car burnouts, Police Association of NSW Orange branch chairman Adam Piffarelli said the volume of jobs meant officers had to prioritise.

“We have other issues within the town such as drug distribution and we can see that with the scourge of ice and other things getting about the town, as well as domestic violence, which is massive in a small community,” he said.

“While we’re trying to respond to these incidents with our minimal crews, we don’t have the resources to go and investigate things as soon as they pop up.”

He said the run of car fires only highlighted there was an issue.

“If criminals think they can do crime in this area because we are shortstaffed, that’s got to be a massive red light to anyone in power that there is an issue here and we need to address it now and the longer we take, it’s just more opportunity for crime to occur.”

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