Helen McMurtrie talks about Glen Innes police shooting

Andrew Messenger

Senior Constable Helen McMurtrie has somehow kept her sense of humour.

There wasn’t room on the rescue helicopter for partner Garry Huard. So the ex-cop had to drive the five hours to the Gold Coast. Only, it should have taken a little longer than that.

“He got a speeding ticket on the way,” she said.

“That’s going to be an interesting letter to the Queensland infringement bureau isn’t it! ‘Can you please not give me a ticket because of this’?”

Barrelling down the dark highway with four kids in the back to a partner in intensive care, he didn't even notice.

“He had to drive for five hours - could you imagine how horrific that would have been for him?”

Aside from a raspy voice and a neck brace she’s obliged to wear for the next three and a bit weeks, you’d have no idea the bubbly, generous cop had been shot in the neck just over three weeks ago.

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