Man drives off as NSW cop hangs from car

A Sydney policeman has escaped injury after getting carried by a car he was trying stop from doing burnouts in the city's west.

The leading senior constable was forced to hold onto the ute through the driver's window for about 200 metres after he attempted to take the keys out of the ignition.

The officer had seen the driver doing burnouts on Tout Road in Bidwill about 10.10pm on Thursday before it drove past police and stopped nearby.

When he approached the car and reached inside, the 18-year-old driver allegedly took off with the officer partially hanging out.

He eventually stopped and was arrested. Police allegedly found cannabis inside the car.

The officer was uninjured.

The young man was charged with driving in a manner dangerous to the public and possessing a prohibited drug. His licence was suspended and he is due to face court on September 25.


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