More NSW Police are needed to monitor register’s 4000 child sex offenders

by Mark Morri

POLICE are being swamped by the surging number of paedophiles on the Child Protection Register and say at least another 100 officers are needed to monitor them effectively.

The problem has been highlighted by the new president of the Police Association of NSW, Tony King, who says regular officers are unable to keep track of the register’s 4000 “grubs and deviants”, with hundreds added annually.

“We need dedicated officers assigned in each command to keep track of these people who target our children and are known to be repeat offenders,” he said yesterday.

“In some areas one officer who has other duties is given the job of keeping track of over 100 offenders on the registry. No matter how hard they try they just can’t do it.”

Those on the register have to tell police what vehicles they own, when they change address, get tattoos and what social media accounts they have. It’s often time-consuming and specialist work but at the moment is left up to each command to try to manage.

“Ideally we would like to see one officer dedicated to every 30 known to be on the registry. It’s no longer a part-time job. In some country areas one officer might be responsible for more than 150 cases,” Mr King said.

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