More than 200 registered child sex offenders evade police in one Australian state alone - as officers admit they can’t cope

  • More than 200 child sex offenders are avoiding police monitoring in NSW alone
  • This year, police kept tabs on only 67 of 4,000 offenders over one month
  • The alarming new figures have been released by the Police Association of NSW
  • The association have said they are unable to keep tabs due to a lack of officers

By Charlie Coe

More than 200 child sex offenders are able to evade detection in one Australian state alone - with a police chief admitting there aren't enough officers on the job to keep a track of them.

New figures released by the Police Association of New South Wales have revealed police do not know the whereabouts of 201 offenders in the state.

Those who have avoided the eye of the authorities may have done so by failing to provide addresses or moved without informing police.

The alarming figures also revealed that in one month this year police only kept tabs on 67 of the roughly 4000 registered sex offenders in NSW - according to The Daily Telegraph.

The association also said there were around 80 cases linked to child sex offences that were not being investigated.

President of the association Tony King described the statistics as 'shocking' and added the lack of monitoring of offenders was only uncovered when officers made routine checks.

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