'Nothing short of a disgrace'


Around seven police officers are assaulted every day, at work, in New South Wales. Nationally, that rate is even higher.

Officers claim they are being let down by the courts, the medical association, and the government in their management of these assaults.

“What has happened to me is nothing short of a disgrace,” Senior Constable Alex Christian said, in an exclusive interview with Today about his experience of assault. “I'm questioning my career at the moment. I really am.”

Constable Christian has been a police officer for seven years. In March, he was bitten while making an arrest in Bathurst.

“It wasn't a small bite - he really sunk his teeth in there. I tried to remove my arm from his mouth a number of times without success,” he said.

Constable Christian said he felt “terror” during the attack. “It's not something I'm used to, the sight of having somebody latched onto a body part and trying to hurt you and refusing to let go.”

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