NSW/ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance calls for Newcastle-style restrictions to be introduced to licensed venues statewide

Nick Bielby

A new push will be launched today for earlier legal ‘last drinks’ and lockouts for licensed venues – like the conditions in Newcastle CBD, Sydney CBD and Kings Cross – to be rolled out across the state.

The NSW/ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance wants restrictions placed on pubs, clubs and bottle shops statewide as part of a suite of measures aimed at reducing alcohol-related harm.

The coalition is made up of 47 member organisations, including high profile groups such as the NSW Australian Medical Association, NSW Police Association, Cancer Council and Thomas Kelly Foundation – a group named after the victim of a fatal coward punch on the streets of Sydney. It will release a wide-ranging policy document today ahead of the March state election, which calls for the next NSW government to reduce alcohol-related health problems and grog-fuelled violence.

The move has drawn support from the health and law enforcement communities, but raised concern from business bodies that have seen the restrictions in play for a decade in Newcastle.

NSW Police Association northern region executive Ian Allwood said the lockout laws were crucial to community safety.

“Without sensible management, our streets will once again be flooded with alcohol-fuelled violence,” he said.

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