Officer overwhelmed by support after losing house in fires

By Dominica Sanda

A NSW Police officer whose house burnt down while he was on duty has been overwhelmed by the donations and support received from his "blue family".

Senior Constable Aaron, who did not want to give his last name, lost his house when a large bushfire spread through the Snowy Mountains and destroyed properties in Talbingo, Tumbarumba and Batlow on January 4.

When the police officer was allowed back onto the Batlow property, he checked on his horses - which survived the blaze - before looking at the house and realising it was all gone.

"It's a massive realisation that everything you knew is gone," he said in a video.

After signing a lease on a new house, the officer and his wife Elizabeth were "overwhelmed" when a truckload of furniture donated from police colleagues arrived at their new home.

"Everyone says the police family looks after each other and its only in moments like these that you actually feel how overwhelming it is to have people show up day in, day out," he said.

"It's really reminded us what's important in life - family and friends and our blue family."

His wife said the policing community helped turn something very negative into something very positive.

"We've been very lucky and everyone has been kind and generous," she said in the video.

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