NSW riot squad police injured in Greenacre trail bike brawl

Sarah Wiedersehn

An unregistered trail bike has sparked a violent brawl between a group of men and police in Sydney's south-west, which ended with a number of arrests made and a senior constable taken to hospital.

Officers from the Public Order and Riot Squad were patrolling Greenacre, when they saw an unregistered trail bike being ridden south on Waterloo Road.

It’s alleged the bike was not displaying rear number plates.

The bike pulled in to a service station where officers stopped to speak to the rider and tried to arrest him.

The man allegedly resisted their efforts and a violent struggle followed.

During the struggle, an officer drew his taser, and the rider, a 17-year-old male, was arrested.

A large number of bystanders surrounded officers at which point further police were called to help with subduing the crowd.

Two officers suffered minor injuries in the scuffle.

A senior constable was taken to Bankstown Hospital for treatment.

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