Police Association says an extra 106 cops needed in South Coast District

Robert Crawford

Police in the South Coast Police District are calling for a significant increase in the number of officers dedicated to dealing with the district’s ice epidemic.

The Police Association of NSW (PANSW) has called for an additional 1185 police in Police Districts and Commands across the state to fight the the ice epidemic, which is destroying a generation of children and tearing families apart.

The association has also called for an additional 114 police designated to dedicated units to focus on interrupting the supply of the drug.

PANSW executive member Jason Hogan said in the South Coast Police District the association was calling for an additional 53 police, with 40 required across all stations in the Shoalhaven area, five required in the Batemans Bay area and eight across the Bega sector.

The staffing shortages are leaving smaller communities vulnerable, with first responders often having to cover huge areas.

“Every police officer knows how all-pervasive ice has become. It dominates our work, it has links to domestic violence, mental health incidents, road fatalities, youth crime, house and business break ins, organised crime and it is destroying lives. These are the symptoms of the prevalence of ice in our communities,” Mr Hogan said.

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