'Prisoner would have died’: Police association raises concerns after crash

Mark Morri, The Daily Telegraph

Two NSW police officers were injured and their paddy wagon was written off after being involved in a major collision with two trucks on the Mitchell Highway in western NSW on Wednesday.

The officers had just transferred a prisoner and were returning to their station at Bathurst about 2pm when a prime mover allegedly veered onto the wrong side of the highway and hit another semi, causing it to collide with the paddy wagon.

The paddy wagon then went down an embankment and rolled a number of times.

The driver and passenger in the Ford ranger wagon were able to get themselves out of the wreck, but one officer suffered serious injuries including a suspected broken jaw, and was treated in Orange hospital.

His colleague suffered minor injuries and was released from hospital quickly.

“That prisoner is extremely lucky,” a police officer told The Daily Telegraph.

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