Static RBT and RDT suspended by Police

by Paul Bibby

Static roadside drug and alcohol testing operations have been suspended in NSW and QLD owing to the COVID-19 crisis.

The NSW Police Commissioner and the Minister for Emergency Services announced that police ‘may decide it is not reasonable to undertake stationary RBT and RDT in the current climate’.

In a statement released on Tuesday, a spokesperson said, ‘Police officers will therefore use their discretion to determine the viability of conducting stationary RBT and RDT’.

NSW Police Association president Tony King went a step further, declaring that police would not be undertaking static tests, where multiple cars are pulled over at a time.

They would still be conducting random tests in other circumstances, such as when someone was suspected of being under the influence, or was caught speeding.

‘With the devices in a stationary RBT set up, police could be testing 50, 60, 100 people over and over again,’ Mr King said.

‘This is about keeping people safe.’

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