Media Releases


10/01/2021 - MR - Assault Sentencing


08/09/2020 - MR Barbieri Parole
06/07/2020 - MR Extraordinary border measures place huge demands on NSW Police that are going unrecognised

22/06/2020 - MR Injury toll grows from violent assaults on police
12/05/2020 - MR International Nurses Day

12/05/2020 - MR PANSW Statement on Fair Pay
26/04/2020 - Putting Community Safety First

09/04/2020 - MR One cough or spitter is one too many
02/04/2020 - MR Major Victory for police officers: IP over 60
24/03/2020 - MR Caution on maintaining public safety: prisons
27/02/2020 - MP Reform to evidence law is a victory for common sense


19/12/19 - MR BOCSAR data shows little sign of relief from assaults on police 
13/12/19 - MR Comments by LECC chief commissioner completely out of order
11/12/19 - MR Sensible move to introduce amnesty bins
8/11/2019 - MR Police Association points to imbalance in Coroner’s findings

5/11/2019 - MR Ministers commended for taking mandatory blood testing forward
21/10/2019 - MR The mounting toll of serious injuries can't continue
16/10/2019 - MR Police Association responds to Inquest into drug deaths arising at music festivals
26/09/2019 - MR Gosford Magistrate's stanced commended by Police Association

09/08/2019 - MR Parole for cop killer defies belief

21/06/2019 - MR Threat to long service leave taken off the table 
30/04/2019 - MR NSW cop savagely bitten
26/02/2019 - MR  Police Assault
21/02/2019 - MR Back the Blue: Scrap the Cap
21/02/2019 - MR Parole for cop killer a disgrace



20/11/2018 1500 extra cops a critical boost for community safety
24/09/2018 Police shortage leaving paedophiles unmonitored
10/09/2018 Urgent police increase needed to stop state’s ice terror
03/092018 New South Wales' ghost cops leaving communities at risk
24/07/2018 Cowra Police Numbers - No increase in 15 Years
12/07/2018 Police Attacked Outside Police Station
12/07/2018 Troy Grant MP (003)
18/06/2018 PANSW MR Budget Ignores Law and Order
22/05/2018 PANSW MR Biennial Conference 2018 Back the Blue
24/04/2018 Missed opportunity by the Coroner MR
20/03/2018 Protect the Protectors - Push for Slow Down Laws
25/01/2018 Lowest police funding in Australia puts NSW at risk
30/01/2018 #BLEED4BLUE Police blood drive


26/10/2017 NSW GOVT must fund more police - NSW Police needs 2500 Officers
7/9/2017 PANSW Supports PFA Mental Health Campaign
4/7/2017 INVERELL MR Inverell Police Station - Not fit for purpose
3/7/2017 DUBBO MR More police needed now
22/5/2017 PANSW 1705 Media Release - Police slam Lindt Cafe Coronial Witch-Hunt
18/5/2017 ANDERSON MR High Court Appeal Decision
11/5/2017 PANSW Welcomes Appointment of Deputy Commissioners
31/03/2017 Retirement of Commissioner Scipione
30/03/2017 NEW COP MR PANSW Welcomes Michael Fuller
6/03/2017 CAMDEN MR More police for Camden Win for the community and local police
30/01/2017 New Premier needs to appoint next Police Commissioner MR