Media Release Archives


26/10/2017 NSW GOVT must fund more police - NSW Police needs 2500 Officers 
7/9/2017 PANSW Supports PFA Mental Health Campaign 
4/7/2017 INVERELL MR Inverell Police Station - Not fit for purpose 
3/7/2017 DUBBO MR More police needed now 
22/5/2017 PANSW 1705 Media Release - Police slam Lindt Cafe Coronial Witch-Hunt 
18/5/2017 ANDERSON MR High Court Appeal Decision 
11/5/2017 PANSW Welcomes Appointment of Deputy Commissioners 
31/03/2017 Retirement of Commissioner Scipione 
30/03/2017 NEW COP MR PANSW Welcomes Michael Fuller 
6/03/2017 CAMDEN MR More police for Camden Win for the community and local police 
30/01/2017 New Premier needs to appoint next Police Commissioner MR


22/12/2016 Operation Prospect Report Statement 

13/12/2016 No justice for murdered police officer & family 

02/12/2016 CAMDEN More police needed now 

15/11/2016 Hunter Valley LAC - More police needed 

09/11/2016 Streamlined Police Oversight

14/09/2016 LD 160914 MR Callinan Reax

25/08/2016 Blueprint for a future-ready NSWPF

17/08/2016 Step forward - Suicide Prevention  Awareness Walk

24/06/16 PIC: Ruins reputations and careers - Seven years of investigation, one day of vindication

21/06/16 NSW State Budget - Safety and Security

08/06/16 Evidence shows, once again, alcohol laws are working

05/05/16 Shorten’s Solution for NSW Police Super

29/04/16 SOS Road Safety Week: Drive so others survive

28/04/16 Media Q&A Session with PANSW, NSWPF & Government on Police Work-Wealth-Wellbeing

27/04/16 Fed & State Govt pledge to fix Super Problem for NSW Police

18/04/16 2016 Biennial Conference: Work Wealth Wellbeing

12/04/16 Your children need your hand - Holiday road safety

24/03/16 Teen Driver Safety: Parents, There Is More To Do

24/03/16 Blue Datto family conversation starter

22/03/16 Tackling Crime by taking away wealth and power

07/03/16 Supporting the family of Sergeant Geoffrey Richardson

03/03/16 NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas

01/03/16 Trial pill testing safety concerns

01/01/16 Police attackers should face appropriate consequences


30/11/15 Police Security Funding Boost

26/11/15 A new era of Police Oversight Tink Review

26/11/15 Blue Datto Road Safety Program: Protecting young drivers

04/11/15 Police Association calls out Senator Leyonhjelm

28/10/15 PTSD: Protecting Police

21/09/15 Graeme Donnelly Cup

17/09/15 Body Worn Video - The truth now has backup

28/08/15 New NSW Bail and Firearms Laws

27/08/15 PTSD Walk

06/08/15 Mudgee Press Release

04/08/15 Court Security Common Sense Prevails

30/07/15 Police officers warned of unsafe work practice

14/07/15 No Privileges for Ebony Simpson's Killer

09/06/15 How Many Last Chances to Assault Police?

21/05/15 Police Oversight Review Begins

04/05/15 Poor Judgement on Court Security

22/04/15  Wagga Police Welcome New Minister’s Action

02/04/15 New Minister for Justice and Police

05/03/15 Police Strength Must Match Population Growth

19/02/15 Concerns for Court Security

17/02/15 Gosford Court Safety – Commonsense Prevails

02/02/15 Weekend of Violence in Wagga – More Police Needed Now

30/01/15 Wagga Local Police Fed UP and Considering Industrial Action



20/10/14 Smoke and Mirrors: Drug Drivers Still Free to Drive High

26/09/14 Chief Magistrate Refuses to Allow Police to Wear Firearms in Court

19/08/14 Committee Ignores Expert Oversight Recommendations

24/06/14 Don't Get Caught out the Morning After

02/06/14 How Many Police have to Be Assaulted?

18/05/14  Body Worn Video Win for Police and Community

12/05/14  Alarming Rise: Assaults on Police - up 18.1%

09/05/14 Rixon Murder Case: Strudwick Shameful Sentence

05/05/14 Drive So Others Survive

21/01/14  Action on Alcohol Fuelled Violence



20/12/13 NSW Police Force failed its Duty to Protect Police

20/12/13 LEPRA: Release of Reports

02/12/13 One Butt Too Many

08/11/13 Weak Sentencing for Thomas Kelly killer - The Ultimate Betrayal

10/10/13 PANSW Welcomes Premier's Announcement to Cut Red Tape

04/10/13 David Rixon's Family Have the Life Sentence

02/10/13 Judge Calls for Urgent Review of Arrest Law

15/08/13 Less Crime Means Fewer Victims

01/08/13 Police Training and Mental Illness

26/06/13 Tragic Event Used as Resources Grab

29/05/13 Greens Don’t Follow Own Standards

24/05/13 CCTV Cameras to Stay On

06/03/13 Cross Border Action Will Help Stop Scourge of Crime Gangs

01/03/13 Ombudsman Report Highlights Needs for Single Oversight Body

27/02/13 Greater Protection Finally Granted for Victims of Domestic Violence