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Forgotten Username or Password

Note that you can login to the website using either your website username or any of your registered email addresses in combination with your password.

If you have forgotten your password or username, you can reset your password by email.

Members: First Time Logging In

For initial login to the PANSW website, members are required to follow the steps below to create a password. Click on the steps for further information.

If you are a registered member, the PANSW website knows who you are. You can create your own password by identifying yourself to the website.

To create your password, visit the following link and follow the instructions to receive a password reset email:


** If you are using a police computer copy & paste this link into Google Chrome.**

You will see a page that looks like this:

Enter your nominated PANSW email address - i.e. the email address you have given to the PANSW to contact you.

You can also use your work email - e.g. 12345@police.nsw.gov.au. Note that if you do this, you must have access to your work computer in order to reset your password.

This will set off an automated process which will send you an email with an encrypted link that will allow you to create a password.

You will receive an on screen notification after clicking “Reset Password” to confirm that an email has been sent and that you should check your nominated email inbox next.

You should receive an email that looks like this:

Members should check their nominated email inbox for an email with the subject Police Association of New South Wales Website - Reset Password.

(This can take up to five minutes depending on how your email is configured. Also check your spam/junk folders if you cannot find the email in your inbox, before ringing the Association for help.)

This email will contain a link for you to click to create your password.

Note that the email also discloses your website username. You do not need this username to log in to the website because you can always use your nominated email or work email address instead. But some members prefer to user their assigned username. Some users will have a digit in their username as they have the same first name and last name as another member. For example: john.smith2.

Members should click on the Click here to reset the password link provided in their email, and enter a new password on the form that is presented. See the following image:

Note that you must create a strong password that is at least 6 letters long and contains both letters and numbers. For your own security, you should create an even strong password that is longer and hard to guess. Also do not use passwords that you use in other websites.

When you have selected your new password, click Reset Password. Your new password will be created immediately.

The website will show you a confirmation message and also send you a confirmation email to verify that your password has changed.

Retired / Associate Members

Retired/Associate Members who remain registered with the Association can follow the same process as members to create a password on the website the first time they login.

Should any members, or Retired/Associate members, be unsure of your username or nominated email required for login, please contact the Information Organising Centre on 9265 6777.