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Bupa Phone Consultations for PANSW Members

Taking care of your health and wellbeing. Bupa consultants are conducting phone consultations to offer advice and find a healthcare plan to help suit your needs.

Prisoner Transport Dispute Update

The Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) has ordered Conciliation under the direction of the IRC with a view to resolving the long-standing issues with prisoner transportation. It has also directed that actions relating to refusing to undertake the transport of prisoners who are in the custody of other agencies, communicated by circular on the 15 March to our members, is to cease immediately until 15 June 2018. Your Executive have today determined to advise members to comply with the directions to enable the IRC to resolve this dispute.


The Police Association of NSW (PANSW), is urging the NSW State Government to introduce new laws requiring drivers to slow down to 40km/h when passing emergency vehicles with flashing lights.

NSW POLICE LEGACY APPEAL: Supporting Senior Constables ‘Jono’ Wright & Matt Foley

On the evening of Friday, 16 February the lives of two police officers were changed forever and while both are now in stable but serious conditions, they face lengthy recovery periods.

EOI Role of Board Member NSW Police Legacy

Expressions of interest for appointment to the role of Board Member, NSW Police Legacy. A not-for-profit organisation, NSW Police Legacy (NSWPL) is our charity and continues to look after the families of deceased Police Officers across NSW.


The Police Association of NSW and the NSW Police Force, have partnered with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service to create a nationwide blood drive in recognition of the near-fatal stabbing of Detective Sergeant John Breda.

PANSW calls for 2,500 extra officers to deal with threats to public

PANSW President, Scott Weber, tells Mark Levy on 2GB that NSW needs an additional 2,500 officers to prevent terrorist incidents and organised crime.

PANSW Media Release: NSW Government must fund more police - NSW Police needs 2,500 Officers.

The Police Association of NSW (PANSW) today called on the Government to stop gambling with the safety of the people of NSW. For years, the police officers of NSW have strived to do more to service and protect the community without the necessary resources.


Former police officers and their families are being urged to make contact with NSW Police Legacy’s support initiative BACKUP For Life as it expands its services in the new year.

'Science, politics, and the play of chance in recent Australian drinking law changes'

Outstanding academic article and research by Professor Kypros Kypri of Newcastle University on the benefits of shorter trading hours in Newcastle, Sydney, Kings Cross, Queensland and internationally.

Injured Police Officers

In San Francisco, Sergeant Eric Batchelder is a fully operational investigator working on the street, despite the amputation of his lower left leg. This would not be the case in NSW...

Promoting the Mental Health of First Responders

Beyondblue has launched a framework to protect and support the mental health of first responders.

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As a member of the Police Association of NSW you can look forward to a range of BUPA benefits.

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