2019 NSW State Election: Comparing the commitments on policing


We have been lobbying day in, day out for months to have all political parties commit to the best outcome for you and your families.  As we approach the blackout-period for the state election, we provide the information below to keep you informed as you cast your vote.  We won't ever tell you how to vote, but we will negotiate for the best deal for police officers and inform you of the outcome. 


Christian Democrats – Facilitated the launch of the Back the Blue campaign and consistently supported important legislation and amendments including Workers Compensation, Police Oversight, Domestic Violence and other operational issues.

Shooters Fishers and Farmers – Have committed to supporting; more police on the frontline, our Prisoner Transport Campaign, amendments to the Police Blue Ribbon Insurance scheme to provide more equitable income protection to all serving NSW Police officers regardless of age, and education and training required for transitioning out of the force.

Greens – Their position on operational policing matters are in direct opposition of that of the Police Association and the majority of the membership. They have however supported public sector workers in areas of workers compensation and fairer pay and conditions.

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