Breakthrough on mandatory blood testing

Thursday 7 November 2019

Yesterday a historic breakthrough announcement was made by the Government that legislation will be introduced to Parliament in February 2020 to institute mandatory blood testing for those who attack police officers. This announcement demonstrates what can be achieved from consistent lobbying for members' interests over an extended period.

The Police Association of New South Wales (PANSW) has welcomed the decision taken by the Government to move ahead with legislation to introduce mandatory blood testing of people who attack police officers and other frontline workers. 

“It is a real credit to the Ministers and the Government for taking this step, and we commend the Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott, Minister for Counter Terrorism and Corrections Anthony Roberts and Attorney General Mark Speakman for today’s announcement,” said Tony King, President of PANSW.

“This will be a major relief to those officers who are adversely affected by violent and dangerous assaults. They currently have to experience huge amounts of distress that impact on themselves, other colleagues and family through long waiting periods to be cleared of any risks of disease from the transfer of bodily fluids and blood.

“Legislation such as this is all about maximising the information available. In terms of safety and protection it’s all about delivering vital peace of mind and better mental health and wellbeing for our members. At the same time it also sends a strong message of deterrence.

“At the Police Association we have been advocating for this law on behalf of our members for several years. We now look forward to participating in the legislative process when it commences early next year, so that we can have the best possible law in place”.

In particular the Police Association of NSW acknowledges all of our brave members who have taken part in the mounting pressure for this to happen by telling their stories to the media and speaking directly about the impacts and harms of being attacked and assaulted.

We owe a huge thanks to all of our members, their families and other frontline workers who shared their stories for selflessly putting a human face to the reality working on the frontline. Thank You!


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