CAD data request Prisoner Transport nemesis

NSWPF is engaging with the PANSW to address issues surrounding current prisoner transport practices. To help identify the work effort of prisoner transports across the State, it is intended to rely upon CAD as the corporate system from within the NSWPF to obtain the required data.

To help in this regard, all Police are reminded to use the CAD system to capture work relating to the transport of prisoners. To ensure all information is captured accurately the following procedures are to be followed.

All prisoner transports are to be created as a job on CAD. Create a job on CAD whenever you are required to transport a prisoner. Where this is not practical, convey the message to VKG that you are conveying a prisoner.

If undertaking a Section 33 transport you need to inform VKG that it is a transport under Section 22 or 33, so it can be recorded correctly on CAD. Be sure to call on and off for every part of the transport (e.g. from court to hospital, from hospital back to the police station etc). It is also vital for the VKG operator to know a vehicles status and location to ensure the safety and well-being of the officers involved in that transfer. This also allows the radio operator to conduct welfare checks at regular intervals.

Remember to use your MDT to update your status especially if you cross radio channels with the prisoner transfer.

Use the MDT to sign off and back on when you reach your destination.

018 Convey Prisoner- this code is to be used for prisoner transports (except for mental health transports – see below).

053 Convey Schedule 1- ONLY use this code for transports under Section 22 or 33 of the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 1990. (At this time this is the only code available.

Future enhancements to CAD will address these Incident Types) Supervisors, Duty Officers and Commanders are to ensure that all staff are complying with these procedures.

Your assistance in enabling the capture of accurate statistics regarding prisoner transport, is very important and greatly appreciated. SO REMEMBER - Advise VKG of every prisoner transport you do. Use your MDT to update your status.

Kyle Stewart

Assistant Commissioner

Corporate Sponsor: Diversion, Re-Offending, Custody & Corrections

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