NSW premiere Dark Blue movie

The NSW premiere of the DARK BLUE movie was the starter for a desperately needed conversation on mental health.

With members, family, senior police and decision makers in attendance the message was clear.

For those who pull on the blue uniform, it's OK to put your hand up and reach out. For influencers and decision makers, let's do more on this - let's get the programs that are needed fully resourced and extended statewide. 

PANSW President Tony King introduces the Dark Blue movie in NSW

Backup For Life representatives speak with PANSW President

Produced by the Police Federation of Australia to prompt conversations on mental health, with funds secured from the federal government through the Proceeds of Crime Fund, the 45 minute movie draws from interviews with serving officers from across Australia. 

PFA president Mark Carroll says scenarios regularly encountered by Police often result in a high physical and psychological cost, with family and friends often the first to pick up on the early signs of mental trauma.

“This initiative started almost three years ago, and it quickly became clear that there was a need for support right across the country and a critical role to be played by associations in addressing these issues."

PANSW president Tony King says the New South Wales association is proud to support the initiative. “We can never, ever underestimate the extreme situations that serving Police officers are exposed to and the typically unseen trauma that results in”.

“For anyone who is facing post-trauma stress the key is to know that you can reach out and that none of us is ever alone. This is one of the invaluable insights that a short documentary film that accompanies DARK BLUE makes really well.”.

The Dark Blue movie, along with a behind the scenes chat with officers who contributed their stories, will be accessible more widely next month and is already being supported by the roll out of a range of new resources - see https://pfa.org.au/member-wellbeing/

Dark Blue Movie Trailer



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