EOI Role of Board Member NSW Police Legacy

A not-for-profit organisation, NSW Police Legacy (NSWPL) is our charity and continues to look after the families of deceased Police Officers across NSW.

Your Association was instrumental and played an essential role in the foundation of NSWPL and has, since its inception, provided ongoing assistance and financial support to ensure the objectives of NSWPL are realised.

Our support for NSWPL, and the extended police family, is delivered through business assistance for NSWPL, including the donation of office space to house their operations, the establishment of Trust Funds for Legatees, and the nomination of seven (7) representatives on the NSWPL Board of Directors, who receive no reward or benefit and are dedicated to the families and Police Legatees they serve and support.

Applications are invited from Ordinary, Associate and former members of the Police Association for appointment to the Board of New South Wales Police Legacy Limited (Police Legacy) for a period of 12 months commencing May 2018.

A copy of the Constitution and Charter of Police Legacy are available upon request.

Applicants expressing an interest should address the following:

    1. Details of NSW Police Force service history;
    2. Relevant qualifications and skills (including previous Board experience in a related or relevant field);
    3. Membership of any professional groups or associations;
    4. The reasons for seeking appointment as a nominee to Police Legacy;
    5. An agreement to undertake professional learning and development as a Director;
    6. An agreement to meet all the expectations as a Director of Police Legacy; and
    7. The nomination of two (2) referees.

Applications must reach the PANSW by 5pm, Friday 2 March 2018 and be addressed to:

Ms. C. Prosser



Or via email cathy.prosser@pansw.org.au

The Welfare Committee of the PANSW Executive will assess the Expressions of Interest and make recommendations to the Executive for appointment to the board by April 2018, with Board terms to commence in May 2018 for a period of 12 months. Existing PANSW Board Representatives are encouraged to apply.


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