Return of Dr Kevin Gilmartin

The NSWPF and PANSW are bringing back Dr Kevin Gilmartin on 28 and 29 September 2017 to deliver three sessions to police officers and family members on emotional survival.

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Strategies for resilience

Expert advice from Dr Kevin M Gilmartin on staying resilient and engaged in productive police work.

"One of the biggest challenges to policing in a democratic society is maintaining an emotionally healthy workforce of professional men and women who can deal with matters and issues that the rest of society cannot handle." Dr Kevin Gilmartin

Dr Kevin Gilmartin is a behavioural scientist and the author of Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement, who has worked in US law enforcement for 20 years. He is a consultant to several US and Canadian law enforcement agencies, a guest instructor at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and a veteran of the US Marine Corps.


In March 2014 the PANSW, in partnership with the NSW Police Force, coordinated the visit of Dr Gilmartin to Australia.

He delivered presentations around the state to NSW Police officers describing the short and long term effects that the policing role has on police officers in both their professional and personal lives.

Importantly, Dr Gilmartin provided strategies for emotional survival and staying resilient and engaged in productive police work.

Feedback from those who attended Dr Gilmartin’s presentations was overwhelmingly positive with many describing it as “the best police training” they have ever received.

If you are interested in Dr Gilmartin’s work, here are two articles to get your started. 

Keeping Good People Good

The Lethal Triad

The PANSW has developed a number of resources, handbooks and articles that are available in the CARE (Career and Resilience Education) section of this website.

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