Injured Police Officers

In San Francisco, Sergeant Eric Batchelder is a fully operational investigator working on the street, despite the amputation of his lower left leg.

This would not be the case in NSW where depending on the boss; he would be restricted to admin/non-operational roles or recommended for medical discharge.

At the PANSW Biennial Conference in May this year, your delegates supported the introduction of a best practice model where permanently injured officers are deployed in meaningful roles within the NSWPF which includes operational roles that are modified. 

At present, an inability to complete all aspects of DEFTAC training confines an officer to a limited number of support roles.  Whilst a first responder role may not be feasible, there are still numerous investigative and other operational roles that with minimal modification could be made available.

With a limited safety net of income protection insurance for officers medically discharged, how would you like to be supported if it were you that was injured?

How should the NSWPF provide ongoing meaningful employment in policing?

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