Mandatory Disease Testing legislation

Common sense prevails to take Mandatory Disease Testing legislation forward

Media Release
14 May 2021

The Upper House of the State Parliament can be commended for preserving the integrity of Mandatory Disease Testing legislation last night, say the Police Association of New South Wales (PANSW).

“It is now 18 months since Government Ministers David Elliott, Anthony Roberts and Mark Speakman held a press conference to announce this new law would be introduced because it is clearly a necessary and common sense measure for the safety and protection of frontline workers,” said Tony King, PANSW President.

"We are grateful that Minister Elliott and, in the Upper House, One Nation MP Rod Roberts fought the good fight to see that this legislation was not derailed.

“All too often the interests of Police and other frontline workers are not given the priority they should be, in situations where they are the victims and are left to deal with uncertainty and risk,” said Tony King.

“We heard a lot from all politicians in this debate expressing how much they sympathise with our members who face the uncertainties and potential risks of blood borne transmission of viruses. Those who were really committed to those words, as something more than empty words, cast their votes accordingly and put frontline workers first.

“What matters most now is that there will be a balance of medical information made available, rather than placing all of the burden and unjust mental pressures on frontline workers, their families and loved ones.

“These new measures will be well scrutinised by the Ombudsman’s office. Any person who does not take a deliberate action to harm frontline workers, by attempting to attack or bite them or in any way cause transmission of blood and bodily substances, will not be subject to the measures.

“The sooner this is enacted the better”.


Other Information

The Police Association would also like to aknowledge and thank the Hon. Rod Roberts, One Nation Party, for his reading during the debate in the Legislative Council.

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