NSW Police Legacy Darren Jones Appeal

Donations will go to fulfilling a lifelong goal for Trish and Darren to take their children Ty and Charli away to Disneyland to create special memories for Darren and his beautiful twins so they can forever cherish this time together. 

Sergeant Darren Jones is a serving member of the NSW Police Force based at Parramatta Local Area Command. 

Darren was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer in June 2015 which he succesfully treated with chemotherapy. He was in remission in August of 2016 when doctors found metastasised cells in Darren's abdomen.

He underwent further chemotherapy and all was looking good until mid-February 2017, when he received a Stage 4 Liver Cancer diagnosis. 

Darren and Trish, also a serving member of the NSW Police Force have twin 11-year olds, a boy and a girl, Ty and Charli. Ever since Darren and Trish had their children, they have dreamt of being able to take their family on a holiday to Disneyland. A goal that now seems more pressing to create special memories for the children, and to give the family some precious time away together. 

With the assistance of NSW Police Legacy, Darren's mates and colleagues are fundraising to support Darren with his medical expenses, and to give the family their dream holiday. 

NSW Police Legacy is the Police Force Charity. Initially founded to support bereaved families following the loss of their loved one, we now extend our commitment to support police officers and their families in challenging times who are experiencing misfortune and require extra support. 

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