Your Association has today given the real story to the media in support of our men and women involved in the Lindt café siege; from those attending the initial call-out, conducting negotiations, the officers first through the door and the siege aftermath.

We were on the ground as the event unfolded and we have been with the members during nearly two and a half years of ill-informed commentary and clear bias against police from armchair critics, self-appointed experts and some politicians. We have not and will not be silenced in our support of our members.

Man Monis is the only person to blame for the siege, he was known to be out on bail and he was in possession of a shotgun and believed to be armed with at least one bomb.

People should consider that before the actions of police are condemned. These are the facts.

The entire incident should be assessed in context.

The length of time this Coronial Inquest has taken has been too long and it comes too late. It hasn’t been fair to those impacted by this tragedy by prolonging the anguish.

There are always lessons to be learned from any police operation, however, any terrorist incidents should be reviewed with similar expediency as seen with terrorist events in Europe.

Your Association fully supports all Police involved who acted with little to no regard for their own safety, while making life and death decisions in a dynamic operational environment. They were dealing with a criminal who was armed with a shotgun and presumed to be armed with a bomb.

There is only one person to blame for this incident.

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