The Police Association of NSW (PANSW) today implored the Berejiklian government to hear our call for 500 police today, and a further 500 each year over the term of the next Government.

Let’s not stick our heads in the ground like Victoria, then treat the problem after it’s out of control; let’s acknowledge spikes and trends are occurring and let’s keep NSW safe both today and tomorrow. We deal with victims and their families, what we don’t do is sit behind desks quoting endless statistics.

The Premier has done nothing but artificially boost the police budget with one-off spends. We acknowledge the commitment to fix police stations around NSW, but what this State really needs are officers to fill them. These single cost items have always been delivered by coalition Governments, but what we really need are the re-current spends on frontline police and specialists to back them up; and this can only come from boots on the ground.

Police Association President, Tony King, said, “Today the NSW Government failed to adequately invest in police resources. The Premier committed to a handful of new police officers, when NSW needs 500 additional police officers immediately, and 500 each year over the next term of Government to fill vacancies and meet rising workloads.”

Increasing demands on police workloads are stretching officers to breaking point and this budget does very little to fix the burden. Police officers are struggling to meet their workloads and the NSW Police Force is failing to meet target times in responding to emergency calls.

Mr King said, “This means when you call for help, when you need it most, police are further away because the thin blue line is stretched about as far as it can be. This is the reality of the situation - We are being pushed to the limit and can no longer just get on with it.

“This Government has woken up to the problem emergency service workers are facing with population growth, and we applaud the commitment to increase the numbers of paramedics, nurses and doctors. But the failure to increase police numbers in line with what’s needed means we will need those additional medical staff when under-staffed police cannot respond quickly to call outs for assaults, domestic violence or responding to people affected by ice.

“Deputy Premier John Barilaro MP has said we are losing our next generation to ice. This will come true unless we have more police to protect our children from the grubs that peddle this poison. The Premier must acknowledge the people of NSW expect our children, our youth and our vulnerable need the most protection, and this will require extra staff to properly enforce the child protection register and to investigate child sexual offences.

“The PANSW will continue to fight for our members and the State of NSW to adequately resource our police force.”

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