Unions Aid Abroad (APHEDA) is a charitable organisation established by the ACTU in 1984 and is supported by the Union Movement. Its charter is to make a difference in the lives of workers and marginalised peoples around the world with a particular focus on South East Asian sweat shop’s which have driven our local clothing industry offshore and reduced the quality of uniforms for our members.

The Police Association has supported the charity’s fundraising activities by paying a small affiliation fee of $637 and attending its annual dinner. In light of the allegations in yesterday’s press we will be reviewing our ongoing support for the organisation and will assess all evidence as part of this review including the audit announced by the Federal Government.

We have been in contact with APHEDA who has put out this statement.

1. Union Aid Abroad welcomes any audit by DFAT on our program work and will fully cooperate with any audit or other requirements of DFAT.
2. Union Aid Abroad confirms that no funds or resources in any form have been provided to any terrorist organisation or individual linked to terrorism. Funds are used only to achieve the DFAT agreed planned developmental projects and outcomes.
3. No funding from Union Aid Abroad either from DFAT sources or any other, was involved in the employment of the individual referred to in the story, nor did he work on our project.
4. Union Aid Abroad unequivocally condemns terrorism and violence is all forms. It is a requirement for all our partner organisations to also condemn terrorism and violence. Union Aid Abroad has clear due diligence policies for ensuring financial probity in line with DFAT policy for the program in Palestine. This includes checking all staff working on our project, all partner organisations, their senior staff and board members, and all external contractors and their senior staff, against the DFAT Consolidated List of proscribed entities and individuals.
5. Union Aid Abroad adheres to all of DFAT’s counter terrorism procedures and Union Aid Abroad has met all of DFAT’s requirements on counter-terrorism.
6. Union Aid Abroad strongly believes in the public accountability of the aid program, and provides all information to DFAT in reporting and in audit processes as required. Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA will continue to respond to any request for information from DFAT.


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