Welcome Class 340

Today's graduation of Class 340 at the NSW Police Academy in Goulburn may have been under an altered attestation ceremony due to excluding family and friends because of COVID-19, but it has not gone unnoticed or unrecognised. 


Highlights from the Attestation Parade of Class 340 (filmed by NSWPF)



Today (Thursday, 9 April) the President of the Police Association of NSW, Tony King, sent a message of congratulations to the Class. It included these words:  

At PANSW we are proud to represent, through our membership, the professional and industrial interests of approximately 17,000 officers covering all levels of the NSW Police Force, from students at the Academy through to Commissioned officer ranks.

From the moment you sign up at the Academy, the Association is there with you; ready and waiting to assist across areas such as the welfare of yourself and loved ones, advocacy with decision-makers, legal assistance - in times such as critical incidents - and more.

Just as these are not ordinary times, there is #NoOrdinaryDay in police work. As you may know already the Police Association happens to be marking its Centenary year in 2020. Be it the uniform you now wear and the equipment you now use, to the status of your employment conditions, it has all been fought for and won by our predecessors. Our unity is our strength.



Earlier this week we put a call out for messages of support for Class 340 that was met with a resounding response - as seen on our Facebook page  - to help celebrate this achievement in our members' careers. 

This is a real testament to the positive goodwill that exists in the wider community and the strength of the #BlueFamily. 

In addition we received a number of photos from Attestations of former years by serving officers and associate members:

Attestation Highlights From Members

Class 132 1972
Class: 132, Year: 1972
Class: unknown, Year: unknown
Year: 1960
Caption:  Left to right is Drill Sergeant “Ben” Hall, along with Lorraine Single, Carole Tubnor and Gwen Martin.


Year: 1984
Caption: Col Colman Delivers welcome guests to first parade at the new Goulburn Police Academy
Class: 212, Year: unknown
Class: 212, Year: unknown
Class: unknown, Year: unknown
Class: 338, Year: 2019
Class: 338, Year: 2019




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