Parole for cop killer a disgrace

PANSW Media Release: 21 February 2019

A decision to allow triple murderer, Berwyn Rees, to walk free is a complete disgrace and offensive not just to the family of those whose lives he cut short, but also to every police officer across the state.

Berwyn Rees murdered Ray James and Christopher Greenfield during an armed robbery in 1977. He then went onto kill Sergeant Keith Hayden in 1980 when the Sergeant was investigating reports of shots being fired, and shot Constable Alexander Pietruszka as Rees was attempting to escape capture.

He was given three life sentences for the murders, but was today granted parole.

Police Association of NSW President, Tony King, said news the Rees could walk free in just a matter of weeks after 37 years behind bars is horrific.

“This man shot and killed a serving police officer. He should not have the benefit now of being able to walk freely around the streets,” Mr King said.

“News of Rees’ parole will send shockwaves right across the policing community.

“The families of the murdered victims deserve better than this, and the police of NSW deserve better than this.

“This man murdered three people in cold blood, including a police officer who was simply trying to do his job.

“This man was sentenced to three life sentences for the murders, but here he is today being granted parole.

“This is beyond disgraceful. This horrific killer should still be behind bars, he should  not be given a second chance when Sergeant Hayden and two other innocent members of society were never given that opportunity.

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