Parole for cop killer defies belief

Media Release
Friday 9 August 2019

The State Parole Authority’s decision today (Friday 9 August) to grant parole to triple murderer Berwyn Rees less than three months after being found to have failed to fully account for the impact on the victims’ families simply defies belief, says the Police Association of NSW (PANSW).

The murders committed by Rees were brutally ruthless. Allowing him to walk free when it was originally judged that his sentences should be served for the balance of his natural life, is a gross injustice to the victims and their families,” says Tony King, PANSW president.

“What does this say about the loss of life of the two men Rees killed in an armed robbery in 1977, and the murder of Sergeant Keith Hayden and serious wounding of Constable Alexander Pietruszka he went on to commit in 1980?

“The three life sentences he received were correct. No one who shot and killed a serving police officer should ever have the benefit of re-joining society and walking freely around the streets. 

“This disgraceful parole decision is an insult to the memory of the victims and shows no regard for the importance of their lives.

“The fact that parole conditions need to be imposed to promote protection of the victim’s families, as stated by the authority, is just another kick in the guts and shows how broken the system is. This decision must be challenged.”


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