NSW police assault ‘sickening’

PANSW Media Release: 26 February 2019

An attack on police officers over the weekend in which two officers were set upon by a group of people is sickening, the Police Association of NSW said today.

PANSW President, Tony King, said the incident, which occurred on the Central Coast, is shocking, as is the fact that despite facing serious charges and prosecutors opposing bail, three of the men involved – including the main alleged offender - have walked free. 

The incident occurred on the same night of a similar event in Melbourne in which police were also attacked by a group.

“Incidents like this make you sick to the stomach,” Mr King said.

“These officers were simply doing their job. Next thing they know, they’ve been set upon and brutally attacked.

“We’re hearing reports that one of the officers was strangled until he was almost unconscious. This is a horrific act of violence perpetrated against people who were simply out there doing their job, trying to keep the community safe.

“Police are sick and tired of being used as punching bags for thugs.

“Our members have had an absolute gutful of being attacked in the line of duty and then not being backed up and supported by the courts.

“The courts again fail to live up to the expectations of police and their communities.

“If you assault a police officer the community expects you to be locked up. If you choke a police officer you should not see the light of day for years.

“It’s deeply disturbing to think about what these offenders are capable of.

“Stories like these really hit our policing community hard. We know the risks when we get into the job, but seeing one of your own attacked in such a brutal fashion really hits you hard.

“Incidents like this highlight the need for programs like the Workforce Improvement Program, which help cops with their mental and physical rehabilitation.”


Media contact: Alana Mew (PANSW), alana.mew@essentialmedia.com.au, 0419 929 722

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