Police Association appalled at rushed parole of Fiona Barbieri

Media Release
Tuesday 8 September 2020

The Police Association of New South Wales (PANSW) is shocked and appalled at the decision of the State Parole Authority that Fiona Barbieri will escape serving her maximum nine-year sentence for the manslaughter of highly respected police officer Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson in 2012.

“The killing of Bryson Anderson was a horrific criminal act and has left a lifelong scar on his family and everyone who knew Bryson,” said Tony King, PANSW President, today.

“The part played by Fiona Barbieri in the senseless killing of a brave police officer by her son should see her remain behind bars until her maximum sentence expires in December 2022.

“The Police Association has been disappointed with the way this tragedy has been handled, from the original sentencing through to the current process.

“We could not be more critical of, or disappointed by, the Parole Authority’s decision to rush the release of Barbieri into the community.

“After deciding she should not be released as recently as May, their decision that she can be released only if she complies with 18 parole conditions – including a ban on contact with her son - is a clear sign that she should remain in prison.

“This decision is deplorable. It does nothing to take into account the ongoing impact on Bryson Anderson’s family who lost a loving husband and father, and instead is an insult to his memory”.

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